What is Going On?

Yesterday I watched out the window with astonished eyes as the police drove off with my neighbor in handcuffs.What I witnessed yesterday was like something that you would expect of a cop show. Street blocked, guns drawn, the police dog searching the area. Stuff like this doesn’t happen in my neighborhood…Well, not until yesterday. 
I don’t know all the details of what happened, but I don’t need them. The world is a scary place. I think the thing that stood out the most to me is that my dad asked one of the officers a few questions about what was going on. After the officer answered the questions, he told my dad that this situation was one that the cops were not too worried about, it was tame on their end. The officer also said, it’s a big deal on our [my] end, and that he understood that what we saw was not normal to us. It shouldn’t have to be normal to anyone. 
I am so extremely grateful and thankful for all of the police officers in my community.
What is this world coming to?
C’est la vie, 

Kayla ❤


Ps. Listen to A Team by Ed Sheeren through headphones as loud as you can handle it. Close your eyes and listen to the lyrics. Again, what is this world coming to that a song like this has such an impact on some people?

(Thanks to my amigo for the idea to listen to Ed full blast, love ya!) 


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