The other day I had a 2 hour drive to my house from my cottage. It was just me in the car so I had a lot of time to think. I thought about friendship, and how it changes throughout the years.

Friendship starts out by parents scheduling a playdate with their friend’s children. The parents choose the people that they want to surround their children with. Then elementary school comes and the child gets to make their own friends. This continues for the rest of life, of course.

The main thing that I was thinking on my drive was how if you have gone to public school in the same town your entire life, you have always been around the same people, and the same friends. Once high school hits, you are very good friends with these people and have deep connections to some of them. This is one of the reasons that university is such a big adjustment for young adults. All the people that they are comfortable with are usually no longer at the same school. You have to sort of start over and make some new friends. The funny thing is that the friends you make in university are like instant best friends. Everyone in university is looking for friends, they are looking for some people that will help make the transition a little bit easier. All friends are wonderful, but there is something about the university friend that is different. This person truly knows you, because most of the time, they spend more time with you at school than your own family does…this is especially true if you are living on residence.

After I was thinking about all my wonderful friends that I have made so far in my life, I was thinking about what happens after university is over and all of my friends go their separate ways, what will life look like then? Going from seeing my best friends everyday, to not knowing when I am going to see them again just seems plain scary. I know that I will stay in touch with my best friends, but it will never be the same. There will never be another time in my life like university, being surrounded with people I love (and quite frankly, some that are harder to love :P) and having the best and worst days of my life. Even though the future is a little scary and definitely full of unknowns, I am ready to cherish and enjoy the next few years of my life. The last few years that I will always have my friends surrounding me.

And I guess some day in the future, things will come full circle and I will be scheduling playdates for my own kids with my friend’s children.

C’est la vie,

Kayla ❤

Ps. Even though I am specifically talking about university friends here, I love all my friends and always look forward to spending time with all the people that I love.



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