Selfish vs. Selfless

Today I went to church and I wanted to write my afterthoughts from the service. The talk today was on marriage. Haha, kind of funny that I am writing something that I have learned about marriage seeing as I am a young, single person, however, the point I am going to put out there is not directly linked to marriage.

In every relationship/friendship, you can choose whether or not you are going to be someone that is selfish or selfless. Sometimes it is hard to look beyond ourselves. We have a choice to make every single moment of our lives. We can choose to be selfish, or we can choose to be selfless. I struggle with this concept because the world that I live in is all about doing whatever is best for me, or whatever is convenient for me, or I am told to do whatever makes me happy. It is so much easier for me to think about myself and place myself above others. It is important to remember that doing things for others is healthy and kind. Putting God and others first in life is so hard because it is so counter-culture for me.

When I read the bible, the versus that typically stick out to me the most are the ones about humility. When I think of humility, I think of someone who is selfless. Being selfless doesn’t mean not doing anything that you enjoy, but it is more about putting others first and thinking about other people. Putting other people first can be hard, but is mostly rewarding.

C’est la vie,

Kayla ❤

Ps. In the words of country singer Tim McGraw, “always stay humble and kind.” I really love this song.