Things I learned in My 1st Year of University

I finished my first year of university a little over a week ago. I cannot believe that I am actually done my first year. It went by quicker than I ever expected it to. Being on summer vacation in April is something that is very new to me and also very exciting.

There are a few things that I have learned throughout my first year. I know what you’re all thinking: WHAT?! YOU ACTUALLY LEARNED SOMETHING AT SCHOOL?!?! Yes, I did learn a few things. I learned that no matter how much pressure you place on yourself to do well in school, you have to have some sort of escape from your classwork. This is especially important if you are living at your school on residence. My escapes have been writing, working with children, and anything to do with music.

The second thing that I learned is that university is totally different than high school. You always hear people saying that university is harder, but you really don’t realize the workload until you are in university. Being a full-time student at my school, you typically take 5 classes a semester. Most classes are 75 minutes long and occur twice a week, however, there are exceptions to this time frame. If you had gone to a public high school like me, than you would not be used to having “free time” during the day. University really helps you to become self-sufficient, and it also helps you develop very good time management skills.

The last thing that I learned in my first year of university besides the actual class content, is about my work ethic, or sometimes the lack thereof. I have learned that even when I feel like I have nothing left in my brain that could possibly turn into anything, I can write a paper. I have learned that extra credit is usually worth the small inconvenience of the time so that your grade can be the best that you can possibly make it. Getting work done early before you start stressing about other things is also a good idea. Friends and family always come before school work. It’s okay to not be the best, but it’s not okay to do anything but your personal best. When you slack off, you pay the price.

I don’t know if this is even interesting to anyone, but I thought I would share some of the many things that I have learned throughout my first year of university. It will be neat to see what the difference between first and second year will be. I intend to keep writing for as long as I still feel like I should be writing. Stick around because some fun posts may come your way soon.

C’est la vie,

Kayla ❤

Ps. The music I have been listening to while writing this post has been the Wicked soundtrack. Show tunes are always super fun! 🙂




Remember the Blessings

This post is meant just as much for me as it is for you who are reading it. This post is not going to be very long, but I thought we could all use a reminder that we have many things in life that are important. We are important, even though we sometimes feel like we don’t matter or make a difference, we do. Remembering the small things in life are what helps us to get through trials and hard times. Always remember that there is someone in this world who loves you more than you will ever realize. Keep the things that you love the most in your mind and cherish them, it helps.

To all my fellow exam writing students: We’ve got this! It is almost summertime and we can get a break from school very soon.  🙂

Sorry that this post is very short, but I must get back to studying for my exams.

C’est la vie,

Kayla ❤

Ps. I cannot remember if I have already posted this song with a blog, but it is a good one and worth sharing again if that is the case. 🙂