Writing is important to me. Writing is my outlet to all of my thoughts and feelings. Without being able to write out my thoughts, I would not be able to function nearly as effectively as I am able to now.

I suppose that I should now clarify that it is creative writing like this that brings me happiness. I do not mind writing papers but I have a horrible time of trying to do the research for them. I get occupied and distracted very easily when trying to write papers. Of course, I am always able to get my papers done on time for their due dates, but I would much prefer to just write creatively.

When I first started writing on this blog I was scared and excited at the same time. It is something that I am proud of. The fact that I have kept writing since that summer day just shows how much of a special place it has in my life.

Not a whole lot of people in my life know that I even have a blog. I guess that I am just not super confident in my writing abilities. I know that I don’t have everything grammatically correct or maybe the things that I write are uninteresting. However, my perception of my abilities is not going to stop me from continuing to write.

I did not start this blog to share with others completely, I mostly created it as a way to look at how I have grown as a writer and just in general. Having people that read it is just a bonus to me. Thank you friends who do read this, I appreciate it! I realize that these blogs could make for a boring read as I am not much of a flowery writer.

I am feeling nostalgic right now about when I first started writing publicly like this. This past summer I had no idea that this would have turned into a frequent event. I could not have imagined how grateful I would be for taking the step and actually start a blog. As I think about what would make me stand out from other bloggers, I can’t really think of anything that truly sets me apart. I have always aimed to be honest and open in these posts. Obviously there are some things that are just for me that I do not share, but like I have mentioned before, this is an outlet for me.

Thanks for coming along this journey with me!

C’est la vie,

Kayla ❤

Ps. I usually listen to music while I write these… Today I am listening to a very fun soundtrack, and this song is beautiful:





One thought on “Writing

  1. Kayla, You inspired me to write my blog! So for one thing, your blog is helping more than just you. I never find your posts boring or sounding like ramblings but more as an update on your life. It makes me happy to read about you and whats going on in your life that seems so far away. 🙂 Love you lots!!!

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